Fan art comes at you full force inside Pixel Perfect, Studio 269 of the Flying Monkey Arts. Amie Costello and Matt Gibson have been hard at work perfecting their craft and creating new was to convey their love of all things video games, comics and superheroes. The pixel art is created by careful design with plastic beads and an iron, and the work takes a great attention to detail.

From magnets to coasters, earrings and headbands to bowls and more, Aime and Matt are always looking for the next great step in pixel art. The characters and symbols they use as inspiration are far reaching, with something for everyone to enjoy. Pokemon are the current craze, but they also carry Nickelodeon characters, Super Nintendo icons, Disney Princesses and more. They work hard to translate the depth of each character into the pixelated form. They've even taken the idea even further and are translating their designs into cross-stitch patterns! Stop on in to Pixel Perfect and take home your favorite character today!