Emily Bodnar is a maker magician, mixing potions of paint, canvas, and electronics to concoct stellar multi-sensory works of art. A painting graduate from the University of North Alabama in Florence, AL, Emily’s intricate technique is executed with vibrant color and texture. Emily’s self-taught soldering skills began by assembling her own Theremin. Since then she has been inspired her to craft tiny electronics that explore sound with that same interest in color and texture. She has blended the two mediums with a handmade wand that produces different tones based on the color it is waved over creating a magical musical mixed media experience.

Her paintings alone showcase the talents of a practiced, patient hand. Her most recent series focuses on small details of small subject matter – bugs. Enhancing these creatures’ size allows her to highlight the intricacy within the wings of a moth or the way light glows from a firefly. Stop by and see what amazing creations Emily is working on in Studio 254 of the Flying Monkey Arts!