The Barking Monkey Vortex is an ever evolving interactive artsstudio space tended by Flying Monkey Arts community members and guests.

The Barking Monkey Vortex is available to host performances, classes, workshops, art exhibits, installations, tea parties, small school groups, clubs, book releases or other intimate events. Info: 256-479-7863

Current scenes created by:

Squeaking Tribe, #268 Anna Sue Courtney, Arts Instigator
Susie Garrett, studio #126
Emily Bodnar, studio #254
Beth Norwood

Upcoming Events include:

“Tea Party for the Dolls” short puppet works *Limited seating for adults and well behaved children
Dia de las Muertos Celebration Table
and related workshops throughout October!

The Barking Monkey Vortex is the psychic home of EIEIO,  Elegantly Infinite Extreme Improv Orchestra