Become a Flying Monkey Artist!

Are you a community minded creative looking for a home for your art/business/organization? Are you interested in putting effort into a larger community while growing your own craft? Are you the kind of weird wonderful maker who gets inspired by the way a bag of recycling sounds or the shape a piece of gum makes on the pavement or the colors contrasting on your dinner plate? Can you not help but take that inspiration and make great art that you’d like to share with your community? Consider applying to the Flying Monkey Arts by filling out the form below!

Flying Monkey Artist Application

The Flying Monkey Arts is a collective of innovative creatives who are dedicated to coming together to provide a unique place for artists and patrons to collide for inspiring shared experiences. We make up the second floor south of Lowe Mill. We are made up of Artist Studios, as well as the Flying Monkey Arts Theater. The Theater is a vital part of our operation and tenants are welcome to contribute to the show content in the theater, and are required to work a minimum of one show per month (concessions, ticket taking, setup, or breakdown). Volunteering is vital to the function of the FlyMo, so please be sure you can commit to these requirements as well as keeping your studio open a minimum of 12 hours per week before applying. We also require you or a studio representative attend our monthly FlyMo meetings to keep up to date with the happenings of our fellow FlyMos. If you’ve got a love for community and all things arty, please continue!

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Have you participated in Artist Market in the last year? (if not, please consider participating while your application is in review! People who have participated in Artist Markets will be considered a higher priority)
It is preferred that your reference is not a current member of the Flying Monkey Arts community.