Artist Market

The Flying Monkey Arts Center Artist Market Guidelines and Information for Visiting Artists

  • The set-up fee is $5 and is payable to the load-in coordinator. Fees differ for special events and holidays, and will be announced 2 weeks prior.
  • During holiday markets and special events sign in when you arrive on the sign-up sheet on the first table by the double doors on the loading dock.
  • You’ll be brought up in order of arrival. Do not break line.
  • Check in with Cheryl in Karma Rags BEFORE you set up. Available space changes from week to week.
  • Please donate a share of your profits to The FlyMo. 5% is a good starting place. Cheryl or Anna Sue can take donations.
  • Vendors are responsible for their own taxes and licensing.
  • If you are new to vending please do a mock set up at home before you come to market in order to work out any problems.
  • There is no guarantee that you will have access to power. Please plan accordingly.
  • Artists may only show their own work in their chosen area. No flea market or yard sale items and absolutely no food items for sale unless you can provide proof you work from a health dept. inspected kitchen.
  • Attention Jewelry makers! Artist market only permits 4 assemblage jewelers and 4 fine art jewelers per Saturday. Jewelry assemblage is defined as jewelry that is comprised of pre-made purchased components that are then assembled. Fine art jewelers fabricate all or a portion of their components before assemblage. We’re sorry if you’re inconvenienced, it’s not personal.
  • Artists are required to present only one genre of work. i.e. if you are a fiber artist who also makes jewelry that jewelry must have a fiber component.
  • Load-in begins at 10:30 AM and ends at 11:30 on a first come/first serve basis. This is a strict load-in time. Artists must be set up BEFORE 12 noon. If your set up is complicated then come earlier. If you arrive later than 11:30 you will not be able to set up for that day. Late set-ups are strictly not permitted.
  • Please limit what you bring in to those items that will fit in your 6 foot or smaller set-up area. Store extra work in your vehicle.
  • Please unload at the south ramp, then immediately move your vehicle [before you bring your work upstairs for set-up] to the outer grass lot. Blocking the ramp delays load-ins and load-outs for everyone.
  • Visiting artists must park in the outer parking lots, unless you require designated handicapped parking and have a valid permit.
  • The old cargo elevator is used for load-in and load-out. Lowe Mill employs an elevator operator. Only renters and Lowe Mill/Flying Monkey staff are permitted to operate the elevator.
  • Visiting artists may not begin packing, break-down or load out until EXACTLY 4 PM. This means do not begin to clear your table or display, or pack up in any way until exactly 4 PM or you will not be allowed to set up at Artist Market again. The elevator operator cannot load out artists before 4 PM unless they have prior approval from Cheryl or Anna Sue. Load-outs should be completed by 4:45. If you know you can’t stay until 4 then please come on another Saturday when you can.
  • The maximum table length is 6 ft, no exceptions. Artists with work to hang will need to bring their own FREE STANDING display panels, 6 foot or less. If you have a table and panels you will still only be allowed a total of 6 feet. Tell Cheryl if you have upright displays before a space is selected
  • Visiting artists may only use one 6 foot table/space to exhibit their work. No L-shaped set-ups permitted. Two artists with smaller or fewer works may share. Respect your fellow artists and hosts by keeping your materials contained to your assigned space.
  • Your space may be measured for compliance.
  • Some hallway areas are reserved for renters or long standing visiting artists.
  • Cheryl in Karma Rags can answer most questions and provide some basic supplies, like scissors and tape.
  • Acoustic only performers may busk and sell C.D.’s during the artist markets. Cheryl or Anna Sue will assign you a space. Acoustic performers are subject to the $5 set-up fee and all guidelines.
  • All scented items, like candles and soaps, must be tightly wrapped/contained. Samples must be wrapped when not in use.
  • Exhibiting at other FlyMo events is by invitation or jury only.
  • The FlyMo staff reserves the right to move visiting artists as seen fit.
  • No political or religious tabling by visiting artists. Views expressed by renters are permitted in their rented space.
  • Please keep the fire lane clear and uncluttered during load-in, set up, load-out and during the market.
  • Please dispose of your trash and recycling, and leave the space you occupied at least as clean as you found it.
  • All people under 14 and all pets MUST be supervised by a responsible adult AT ALL TIMES during artist markets.
  • Pets must be leashed and under your control at all times. No exceptions. Some spaces may not allow pets. Pets are not permitted in the FlyMo theatre. You MUST clean up after your pet whenever you are on Lowe Mill grounds.
  • Lowe Mill is an old industrial building with potential hazards. Please be careful.
  • Criminal or threatening behaviors are not acceptable and will be reported to the authorities.

Contact Information:
Cheryl Carlson/Karma Rags - Market Coordinator 256-468-5319
Anna Sue Courtney/Squeaking Tribe Puppets – FlyMo House Manager

Updated March 2014

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